Prepayment 2018-2019

The Home & School Association is now preparing for the upcoming school year. In order to facilitate a smooth transition we are asking parents to complete their prepayment orders for the following programs by September 6.

Tikun Olam – For $18.00 prepay for 2 free dress days, Purim Carnival admission and Denim Day.

Cool Treats –  For $15.00 a kosher/peanut free frozen treat will be served on the following days;

Friday Sept 13, Friday Oct 4, Friday Oct 25, Friday May 1, Friday June 12. The price will increase to $20.00 if ordered after September 6.

Challah Program – A challah is sent home every Friday for Shabbat beginning October XX and ending June XX. The cost will be $118.00. Challah is  provided by Beso BAKERY a nut and peanut free facility. Whole wheat option are available as well as regular challahs.

Donate to the Academy’s Challah Program– Donations of  $18 $36 $54 and $72 will be used to purchase challah for the school’s Shabbat program. A donation of $90 will provide challah for every class on a designated Friday. Sponsors of the Friday Shabbat program will be given a tax receipt.

Bowl-a-thon Pledge – For your convenience you may make your pledge during pre-payment for  the upcoming Bowl-a-thon. Please note that you may still contribute any amount you wish to the Bowl-a-thon using the pledge forms closer to the event.

Chocolate Bar Sale – For your convenience boxes of chocolate bars can be pre-ordered and therefore are payable by credit card through prepayment.   Boxes will be distributed the first week of school.

Birthday Cupcakes –  Order “two bite” cupcakes to be sent to the class to celebrate a  birthday or special occasion for $20.00 if purchased during the prepayment period. If ordered after the prepayment period, the cost of cupcakes will be $30.00

Donate a library book to the SSA library in honour of your child’s birthday. A book plate noting your child’s name and age will be placed on a newly purchased book. Your child will then be the first to receive this new book to read.  The book will then be placed in the SSA library for all the children to enjoy.


The Home & School relies on parent volunteers to successfully carry out our initiatives. If you would like to be notified of our volunteer opportunities please provide your contact info on our volunteer form which can be found by clicking here. To see a brief description of each committee please click here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Prepayment instructions – Please read instructions carefully

1) Each child must have their own separate order.

2) When you have completed all your selections, go to the checkout cart.

3) Please complete all information required in the checkout cart before clicking ” purchase” button.

4)  All payments must be made through paypal.

* Please remember one order is required for every child. Please repeat above process for each child.

Click here to access the order page for Prepayment programs.